At Cosentino we celebrate International Environment Day with facts, not words. Because we care. Because we believe in being part of the change. Because we want to inspire industry to be part of the movement, and you, the driving force.

We believe in a more environmentally friendly world and are helping to shape the future. That is why we have created the new Silestone, with HybriQ+ technology. More beautiful, with a sustainable manufacturing process, and with recycled glass. We design a better future for the industry, for the planet and for you. Welcome home..

Introducing the new Silestone, with HybriQ+ technology. Designed for life.

More beautiful.
More sustainable.
More Silestone.

HybriQ+ technology is an unprecedented innovation. A revolution in the manufacturing process, powered by renewable energy and reused water. A renewed formulation, combining minerals and recycled materials, making it more sustainable. Introducing The Ultimate Hybriq Mineral surface.

A more sustainable manufacturing process, based on Cosentino’s circular economy philosophy, powered entirely by reused water and renewable electrical energy.

A revolutionary composition that maintains Silestone’s qualities,

enhancing them and including a minimum of recycled materials, such as glass.

A technology developed to change everything. Because if we want to change everything, it is not enough to say it.

Recycled Water

Renewable Electric Energy

MIN 20%
Recycled Glass

We would also like to introduce you to Silestone’s new collection: Sunlit Days. Our most sustainable series ever created.

A range of colours inspired by the Mediterranean. An elegy to colour and sustainability.

Not only does it incorporate HybriQ + technology, it is Silestone’s first Carbon Neutral certified series.

In addition, Sunlit Days is not only inspired by the Mediterranean, but is born with a greater purpose: to save it.